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Cards And Dominoes

--Favorite Sites--

The Card Games site has the most card games rules anywhere

House of Cards has a nice mix of rules, PC games, handheld games, and books.

Kadon Enterprises sells beautiful quality board games

Find hundreds of chess variants here

The Life of Games is an online games magazine

David Parlett invents great card & board games!

BoardGameGeek covers all board games

International Playing
Card Society


-- Favorite Links  --

-Invented Games
 Web Sites-

Parlett’s games

web site

Pagat web site

Robert Abbott’s games

--Web Sites with
  Game Rules--

--Cards & Dominoes--

  The Card Games Site


  Domino Game Rules


  Dice Games

--Board Games--


   FREE books!

American Hoyle by Trumps 1894 (540 pages)

Foster’s Hoyle 1897 (625 pages)

Pirate Bridge -- great 3-person Bridge variant from 1917 (190 pages)

Conquian -- ancestor to modern rummy 1913 (90 pages)

--42 Players--

Texas42.net website

   Card Games--

Thanos Card Games


Historic British Card Games-- rules for 12 once-popular games no longer played.

Medieval and Renaissance card and dice games.


Ely considers...

-- What are the BEST Game Books? --

Oxford A-Z of Card Games

Lists hundreds of games alphabetically.  Includes both the well-known and the obscure from around the world.   Complete rules for all.

A History of Card Games

Describes how card games evolved, the kinds of games available, basic principles of play, relationships between games, and more.  This book will give you a much deeper understanding of card games.  A unique book!

Great Book of Domino Games

A compilation of more domino games than most people know exist.

Dice Games Properly Explained

This one book covers everything about dice games: rules, strategies, etc.  It focuses solely on traditional, six-sided dice.

World’s Best Dice Games

In print continuously since 1981 under various titles, its longevity says it all.

Scarne’s Encyclopedia of Games

The 625-page classic, now out of print.  Scarne’s Encyclopedia of Cards is the exact same book but it excludes all games that are not card games.

Winning 42: Strategy and Lore of the National Game of Texas

This fascinating book tells all about 42, how it’s played, its history, strategies, etc. Surprisingly enjoyable and earns its five stars at Amazon.   Now in its 3rd edition.


Written way back in 1937 by the game’s inventor, Ely Culbertson, this is the only book on Jo-Jotte.  You can sometimes find a used copy for sale online.  It’s worth picking up a copy if you take up the game.


Original Patience games from about 1900


San Fransisco style dice plus many other games


All new invented card games by Robert Abbott, about 1960.

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